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Real life moments: Written by Author Sharonda MeccaGloBal Baker 💎There is a term called “ FUNCTIONING ADDICT” when a person use drugs, and still able to maintain their regular everyday “day to day” life! Well there is also a term Called “FUNCTIONING DEPRESSION!” Everybody think they know what depression looks like – I SHARONDA “MECCAGLOBAL” BAKER Am here to tell you- there is a thing called “Functioning Depression” – I was dealing with Depression all while functioning my regular “day to day” everyday life going on about my business as if nothing was wrong, going to work everyday in the corporate world, Also smiling for the cameras in my Media world going about my day as if nothing was wrong.

Yes me Sharonda MeccaGloBal Baker 👸🏾Everyone thinks DEPRESSED PEOPLE ARE THOSE PEOPLE READY TO GIVE UP ON LIFE OR READY TO KILL THEMSELVES! I am soo thankful that’s not part of my story — not one time have I ever in life had one suicidal thought thank God that’s not a part of my story❤️💕🙏🏾🙌🏾-

I was the opposite – I looked / and still look forward to life everyday. Once I left out of my house everyday to get fresh air, i would “Quote un Quote” smile for the cameras, shake hands and kiss babies, outgoing, social,bubbly it was all good- but once I got home, I stayed isolated in my own bedroom away from people — ISOLATED! When other people probably thought I was being mean, angry, or mad= NO I needed to regroup, recharge, and needed my space I didn’t know i was depressed- one thing about some of us black people in this country- WE ALL WERE RAISED TO DEAL WITH OUR OWN PROBLEMS, AND ISSUES OURSELVES❤️ WE DON’T BELIEVE IN WEARING LABELS, OR STIGMAS, OR WHAT STATISTICS SAY, nothing that sounds outside of what we know.

Which by the way, dealing with things on my own, and figuring things out — I’m thankful it made me a stronger person for 1-but the false narrative instilled in some of us about seeking help to talk to somebody about any problems, or telling somebody our business-*NOPE* we don’t believe in all that mess! (AGAIN) We don’t believe in labels, we don’t believe it’s real until we go through it personally! We don’t believe in going to family Counseling, we don’t believe in telling another person “Our business” in fear of being judged- it’s even worst when you’re a person like me, i am already a private,private person OUTSIDE of this Industry in my real life- secret squirrel (insider ) i am also a PRIVATE,PRIVATE person INSIDE this PUBLIC Industry -so it’s easy to not say anything to anyone about anything i was going through, and just figure it out on my own, and go on about my business!!!!

The irony and contradictory thing about the person i am is, one: Yes i AM a private person, yet i’m so transparent. Two: I am very open, upfront, blunt, direct, bold and candid with everything, in your face. Go figure! Three: Labels makes me personally feel like that’s a weakness, there is nothing “WEAK” about me. In fact i am the Strong woman I AM, but it’s okay to allow room for growth, and help. The funny thing about energy inside of yourself and light inside yourself-giving out love, and making sure everybody alright around you, it’s easy to give OUT love, and help, and pour OUT love OUT. But for me, it was challenging to receive the nurturing healing IN i needed at the time, because that meant, being vulnerable, and opening up to let light in xo

SO-YES- it is very easy for a person outside looking in someone else’s life to miss the signs that this Ball of light person is not being themselves, or something is wrong! You really don’t know what’s going on in another person’s life !

I am so thankful that i AM A strong person- because if not, who knows what could have happened looking back!!! looking back stepping outside of my surroundings is what i needed to SHAKE me back into reality! Also, just for the record: it is normal to seek family counseling. Let me say this next part LOUD! In-spite of what we were taught growing up, there is NOTHING WRONG WITH MAKING SURE YOUR MENTAL HEALTH IS A-1! IT IS PERFECTLY NORMAL TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE TAKING CARE OF YOUR OWN MENTAL HEALTH !!!!!!!!!

But here’s the kicker- ( before i woke up and realize I WAS DEPRESSED ) when my day was over outside during my day to day as a Functioning person dealing with depression, as soon as my day was over outside- once i got home, i stayed in my room, isolated from the family! Thank God even to this day in 2021 i have a outlet to write, books, or blog, or podcast, or my tv show or writing my columns for the magazine over the years (not flexing just stating a fact ) I’m thankful I’m blessed with my crafts & talents that kept me focused, alert, present, and aware of the right now moment at hand! ( in addition to prayer of course Heavy on the prayer everyday just in general i am a Praying woman,thankful!) Looking back now i realized i had been depressed for a long time “A functioning depressed person at the time!” Make sure you tap in to your own craft & Gifts. Make sure YOU find YOUR OUTLET!

The wonderful thing about growth is: When you go THROUGH things, those experiences are not ours to keep! ( THOSE ) are the Gems & Jewels we share with the world to let others know: if I went through it yes me SHARONDA MECCAGLOBAL BAKER IF I WENT THROUGH Specific experiences, it’s important to talk About it to help other people. –

The light at the end of the tunnel is – when you wake up ( out of your half sleep situation because you are sleep-walking just coming, and going, and not realizing it at the time ) but when you wake up- boy do you really wake up! 💡

A huge part of acknowledging forward growth is first ACKNOWLEDGING IT so you can work towards healing, accept accountability for your own actions. Being present in the moment, working through whatever is going on clear, communication, also changing your environment for your own sake, not anyone’s else sake but changing your environment is very important for a fresh start! I’m thankful for the solid people Around me. It’s important to have those people around you who loves YOU around you.

*Writers note* (I never knew it was an actual term “FUNCTIONING DEPRESSION” until AFTER i wrote this, this Sunday Morning, then i said let me check my Thesaurus, or look to see if it’s and actual word inside of the webster’s dictionary! I thought, because if there is a term for people that function on drugs, there has to be a term for a person dealing with depression, or anxiety, or panic attacks etc, etc even though i don’t wear labels, but i AM not above reality, and calling it, whatever it is, i have no problem expressing something that’s on my mind if i went through something in the past, or if i am going through something anytime, i express myself however it comes out! This was on my mind this morning – i was inspired to write this private side about myself.) I hope it helps one person! xoxo I LOVE YOU ALL xo Love Mec.👸🏾 ❤️💕❤️💕

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