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A Father is the first man a daughter sees in her life.
When a daughter sees her dad get up, and go to work, taking care of the family’s needs
( Food, clothes, shelter, her safety, bills etc. ) He is inadvertently teaching her what a father does for his daughter–in her eyes. She sees her dad providing for her, and protecting her as she grows.
He teaches her a deeper love from a MAN from a different perspective. Nothing can compare to a father’s Love. Nothing!
By default, it becomes ingrained, in her brain what a Father’s role is in her life–in her eyes.

A Mother, and a Father have two different roles to play in a daughter’s life. They should not be compared.
A Daughter’s relationship with her dad, spills over into her dating Love life later on in life as she grows.
If she had a solid Male role model in her life, to guide her, and be there for her to show her by his actions what a father does, she will then seek those solid qualities in the type of man she chooses.
In the same breath, it can also be the reverse effect, if the father was not in her life, she can either have trust issues with Men I.E daddy issues,deep down, underlying scars, from the absent Father. (or) She can come out completely unfazed, by the lack of father in her life you just never know.

The Father figure, is sometimes overlooked, and often taken for granted. Which in fact- Males, Fathers, Dads, Step dads just Men In General, play a major role in the development of a daughter.
Be Very aware of the things you do around your daughter as a father, and the way you treat women in front of your daughter. You are teaching her what a Father / a man does.
Plant solid seeds of what Father’s / Men should be doing in a daughter’s life. It’s never too late to set the tone in your daughter’s eyes on what a Father should be doing.
I always was a daddy’s girl.My Dad Passed away when i was 12, however, i love my stepfather as if he is my Father.
I am fortunate enough to have been raised in a HUGE family. The men in my family had double duty, not only as our brothers, cousins, uncles, and nephews, they stood up as BROTHERS, and FATHERS in our family. The MEN always took center stage in my family. Leading by example. Solid Men.
So i always saw, and still see solid men, from then, to now 2020!
Men / Fathers Don’t get enough credit for the lessons you teach us daily as daughters growing up.
On Behalf of THIS daughter- HAPPY FATHER’S DAY FELLAS!
Continue to teach, lead, and STAND UP getting back to being the HEAD of the Families!
Your family needs you now more than ever in 2020! WE NEED MORE SOLID FATHER’S VISIBLE…
– We Got your Back!-
Sharonda MeccaGloBal Baker… A Daddys Girl!
Rest in Peace Dad!
Happy Father’s day!
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© 2020 MeccaGloBal S.Baker Publishing
© 2020 MeccaGloBal S.Baker Media Group

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