[ #SBMGBLOG ] #HipHop History in the making…. 2021 = DJKAYSLAY feat 110 Artist Back to Back! Rolling 100 Deep! @KINGDJKAYSLAY

The OG Legend DJ KAYSLAY Enlist some of Today’s HipHop Elite spitters🎼 Bar 4 Bar = combined with the Underdogs, mixed with 👉🏾Next Up Official Street Artist, alongside some of our Hip Hop Legends, and Pioneers, (HIP HOP ROYALTY) all on 1 track! It’s not a video, it’s a movie! 40 minutes long!Go get your popcorn, and sit back, relax, smoke something, get your drinks,🥃🍷and witness HIPHOP HISTORY IN THE MAKING RIGHT NOW TODAY! (Guinness Book of world records type of shit!) Never in the History of HIP HOP has there ever been one hundred and ten Artist on 1 track! Produced by Suitstm / Trackateering music visual by I Am Hayday Directed by Benji Films subscribe to DJKAYSLAY’S YOUTUBE! (YouTube.com/TheDjKaySlayShow)

*Fyi* 🎼Hip Hop is a feeling….. The excitement of Anticipating each Artist BarZ next, after next, after next!= *Its a Feeling!*-MeccaGloBal!🚀🎼

DJ Kay Slay New EP out now! “Accolades”
just in case you missed “Rolling 50 Deep”
(Just Because ) Back to the Barz part1
(Just Because)Back to the BarZ Part2

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