@MECCAGLOBAL : What’s going on? Let the people know who you are where you from for the people not familiar with you ?
@CEFALLAH Peace. What’s up MeccaGloBal. I’m here just working hard. My name’s Cef Allah and I’m from Flatbush, Brooklyn.

@MECCAGLOBAL : What’s good Cef Allah, What influenced you to want to be involved in Hip Hop, who were some of the influences that sparked the flame in you?

@CEFALLAH I got into HIP HOP because it was a way to express myself. I was always a quiet kid so after i tried writing my first rhyme, i loved how it felt. I stuck with it. Some of my early influences were Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and Kool G Rap. I had older brothers so as a baby, they’d always play stuff from that era.

@MECCAGLOBAL How do you view Hip Hop nowadays?

@CEFALLAH Hip Hop today is big business. I think most people who get into it today are more focused on making money than anything. Talent and skill comes second. Before back in the days, it was first priority.

 @MECCAGLOBAL What’s the difference between performing on stage, vs recording in the studio – what has your experience been like? 

@CEFALLAH The difference between performing on stage and recording in the studio is, you have several takes in the studio. If you mess up, you can start over. You only get one shot when you’re performing. It takes a lot more to rip a stage. I’m still learning how to master my stage presence. Once I’m great at stage shows, it’s a wrap. I notice that I’m a lot more anxious when i perform than I am in the studio but once I start performing, the anxiety leaves. The crowds reactions to the music, is what calms my anxiety I guess.

@MECCAGLOBAL: Let the people know where they can find your music,  mixtapes, old and new so the people can get more familiar with your music.

@CEFALLAH People interested in purchasing my music, old and new can go to my bandcamp page…  https://cefallah.bandcamp.com/

 @MECCAGLOBAL : During the earlier days when Hip Hop exploded on the scene then, compared to now- what do you think our culture can  do borrowing from our legends, and pioneers and apply it to today’s music 

@CEFALLAH I think something HIP HOP artists today can borrow from the legends back in the days is Originality. No one sounded alike before. Too many artists sound the same these days. You can’t really differentiate them because their subject matter, their videos, and goals are semi the same.

 @MECCAGLOBAL: Explain to the people when you are an independent artist the hard work it takes to generate a buzz, and get out to the showcases, or whatever it is you need to do to make a name for yourself?

@CEFALLAH When you’re independent, you have to work 20 times harder than an artist with a major machine behind him or her. You have to understand that no one’s going to promote you better than you. You have to do shows. You have to constantly post your visual content on social media. You have to go to certain events like SXSW. You have to perform at showcases. These are all ways that have helped me get my name out there. I still have lots of grounds to cover too.

@MECCAGLOBAL What artist did you enjoy working with, and what artist would you like to work with going forward ?

@@CEFALLAH In the past, I enjoyed working with A-Mafia, Byrdgang Shoota and Kuniva (from D12). In the future, I’d like to work with Benny the Butcher, Nick Grant, Royce 5’9″ and Kxng Crooked.

@MECCAGLOBAL Whats your thoughts on our artist nowadays just in general with all these drug trends going on  for our new artist ?

@CEFALLAH   I’m not really a fan of any artists these days promoting drug use. I think it’s corny because kids are easily influenced and being a junkie is self destructive. When i was younger, being a junkie wasn’t cool. Now it’s become the in thing.

@MECCAGLOBAL i’m going to post your videos here on my blog inside this interview, also let the people know where they can find  your  most recent music videos and the names of your videos 

@CEFALLAH My videos can be found on Youtube. The two most recent ones are called “Verbal” and “Bartholomew”.

@MECCAGLOBAL : If you could Be on a track with any artist now, and a producer of your choice who would that be?

@CEFALLAH If i could do a song with anyone right now, it would be Black Thought. He’s always inspired me to get better. He’s one of my favorites ever. If i had the choice of producer, I would reach out to The Alchemist. He’s dope. Him and DJ Premier are my favorite producers. 

@MECCAGLOBAL What music are you working on now ?

@CEFALLAH I’m currently working on an EP. It’s still untitled but I have two songs done. I’m maybe going to put eight songs on there. It’s gonna be good though. I can promise that much.

@MECCAGLOBAL Give the people your social media contacts so they can connect with you 

@CEFALLAH My Twitter and Instagram are both the same @CEFALLAH

@MECCAGLOBAL:  nowadays mainstream media  exposing all these sexual assaults like Harvey Wiensteins then Kevin Spacey, its open season and now in the wake of this  Surviving R Kelly another one going down for sexual assault charges, He getting dropped from his Record Label-Whats your thoughts on how this is unfolding, with everything going down in this climate?

@CEFALLAH I have five nieces and a nephew so I’m totally against rapists, pedophiles and predators of any kind. I don’t care if you’re white, black or whatever. If you’re out here taking advantage of children and women, then you need to be punished. I also feel like anyone who enables these predators are guilty too. They deserve to be severely punished. One of the main problems is people don’t care enough. They turn into Ray Charles when it come to celebrities that they admire and respect. It’s what I call an atmosphere of acceptance. If you can sing, dance, act or rap well, most people don’t care if you’re a predatory piece of crap. They let it slide. And of course, Harvey Wienstein isn’t getting the same attention as R. Kelly but he’s white and that’s how it goes. Is it right? No but I don’t have sympathy for Kells just because he’s black. Him and Wienstein are in the same category. Simple. 

@MECCAGLOBAL: Do you think our culture can do better in certain areas if so whats your thoughts ?

@CEFALLAH Of course, our culture can do better. Afrika Bambaataa was allegedly touching babies for decades. No one cared all that time enough to expose him. Again, an atmosphere of acceptance. We as a community and culture have to stop being blind. If you claim that you’re the truth, then it’s your duty to uncover the lies. Anything else is not right and exact. Until we start doing right by our women and babies, we’re not going to get anywhere as a culture. Protect  the women and children and then you can say, “I do it for the culture!” PEACE.

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