Uncle P’s Pancake Mix & Syrup.
Uncle P’s Louisiana’s Seasoned White Rice.
Rap Snacks Potatoe chips & Ramen Noodles.

Percy Robert Miller – ( Master P ) is Without a doubt, one of our Generations hardest working Moguls in every sense of the word. To those that remember his No Limit Records days, Master P is a Rapper, Record Producer, Songwriter, Author, Owner of his own Basketball league, not to mention he himself was signed to 2 Separate NBA contracts, TV Executive Producer, Acting in Movies, Also straight to Dvd’s he put out himself, just to name a few- to sum it up – He is one of your Favorite Entrepreneurs, favorite Entrepreneurs!

SALUTE MASTER P Now he has the Uncle P’s -Pancake mix & Syrup, Oatmeal, Grits, Seasoned white rice,Brown Rice, red beans, and rice- taking over the food game adding on to his already Rap Snacks, he added the Ramen Noodles, Moneyatti footwear. – In the words of Master P – Quote “it’s about OWNERSHIP! If they can do it, we can do it! Start Small, and build!”



Make em say Ugh !

Bout it Bout it
Mr ice cream Man

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