Sharonda MeccaGloBal Baker is a Black American Author, Born in Newark New Jersey, currently living in New York City. She is a Self Published Author, Published under her own Publishing Company S. Baker Publishing Books established in 2004. ( Heat: Code of the streets Book series 1of 3) Single Mother of one College Graduate son. She is the Owner of the entire S. Baker Media Group Brand. One word to describe her: Multifaceted.

Building her brand as a Photo Journalist, Media Personality, Executive Producer since 2009 for her own TV show out of Newark New Jersey creator of SBMG-TV launching with Cablevision then (Now Altice One) on channel 19 established 2009. She is also the host on her own radioshow after revamping her “MeccaGloBal Streetz Entertainment News Report” which was created back in 2006 on DJ’ Qua’s radio show. She expanded her segment, it originally started from 15 minutes reporting the Entertainment news, on his radioshow – to launching her own radio show under the umbrella of her own media brand, (SBMG-MEDIA Audio-Visual) launching her 1st radio show up in the Bronx with the podfather DWI in Da Matrix studio 2012-2014. SBMG RADIO ( VOICE OF THE UNDERDOGS )

Shortly after that, she tossed her hat in the ring in the podcast space as well Launching, and Producing ( MECCAGLOBAL PODCAST) Voice of the underdogs. Her podcast was established in June 2017 via iHeart Radio app, Apple iTunes, Music, Spotify, Tune-in App, Luminary,+ every National digital platform- in every digital market Podcast are available. Also available on firestick, under the iHeart Radio app. MeccaGloBal is one of the early Digital Content creators, since Myspace days, and black planet days, and def jam chat room days, so it was inevitable for her to carve out her own space in this digital world making a name for herself.

She is the creator of SBakerMediaGroup’s online blog established back in 2008. Not only does MeccaGlobal wear multiple hats effortlessly without question, she is one of the driving forces, and top writers to recon with, crowned one of the best writers, Hip Hop Journalist, and Columnist, of this generation consistently contributing her writing talents to DJ Kay Slay’s Straight Stuntin Magazine. Her articles are published in every issue over this past decade since 2010, and still going. writing for DJ Kay Slay’s New Magazine What’s the Science as of 2019, up until DJ Kay Slay Passed away.

She is currently writing, contributing to Published & Black Magazine. In addition to MeccaGlobal being one of Hip Hop’s top columnist right now today, she’s dividing her time as a Writer / Author gearing up to drop more installments to her street series HEAT.

She collaborated once with Wahida Clark back in 2015 bringing MeccaGlobal readers the first installment Heat Part 1 (Book 1 of 10) to the highly anticipated Street Series HEAT. Future releases of HEAT will be published under her very own Publishing company’s brand ( S.Baker Media Group & S. Baker Publishing.)

Add new Actor/Actress to this young ladies resume, you can catch a glimpse of MeccaGloBal acting in multiple episodes in the drama series Straight Stuntin Chronicles.

MeccaGlobal recently Joined the TV family working behind the scenes of Tales of the city released back in 2019 as a Construction Production Assistant on set via the network Netflix – filmed out of Silvercup Studios Bronx New York. In 2020 MeccaGloBal worked on set of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 4 as a Construction Production Assistant via Picrow-Amazon Streaming service filmed out of Steiner Studios Brooklyn New York 2021. MeccaGloBal joins the NBC UNIVERSAL family under Dick Wolf’s FBI Most Wanted Season 2, and 3 on CBS out of Broadway stages working behind the scenes as a Production Assistant Brooklyn New York. She is currently working on CBS new show East New York Season 1 out of CBS Studios Queens New York as Construction’s Key Production Assistant.

Quote from MeccaGloBal: “I’m not afraid to put in work in this business, or any other business. I don’t go into my next project with my chest puffed up, regardless if I sold 1 book, or a million books. When I am on set working as a Production Assistant, if it means starting from the bottom getting coffee, & craft services for the Carpenters, Grips, Producers, Directors or whoever- I will do my part on the team making sure everyone is taken care of on set doing whatever job is in front of me Professionally at that time, and having fun along my journey. Humility, and being kind is embedded in my DNA from my Mom. She raised me to be a wonderful human being to all. Always treat people with respect, listen, learn, and pay attention from the bottom and work your way up to execute your goals! Having a great sense of humor wont hurt either. Remember to laugh, and smile!” Follow Her Social Media @Meccaglobal.